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ea of becoming middle-aged ma▓trons, well knowing that Miss Brown’s philan▓thropic disposition gave them opportuniti●es for the cultivation of the tender● passion, when any one else would have ima▓gined the time for such juvenilities wa▓s over.In the fortnightly soirées●, one, two, or three pairs of lovers were▓ always found among Miss Brown’s guests—unfor●tunates, whose interminable engagemen●ts, from pecuniary difficulties, o●r the stern dissent of cruel guardians▓, would have seemed hopeless● to all, but for the energetic encouragemen●t of the benevolent Miss Brown, who always ac●ted on the idea “

Passion, I see, is ca▓tching.” And, still more urgent reas▓on, never did a wedding party issue from th●e well-glazed portals of Red Ro●se Villa (and such events did really● occur) but an accession of pupils and board●ers immediately followed. Amongst the bo▓arders were two young ladies, sisters’ child●ren, and both orphans, but the si●militude went no further.Isabel ▓Morland, the eldest by two y●ears, was a

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sparkling brunette—satirical●—clever; eccentric in habits, une●ven in temper, and capricious as the ▓wind.But what did all this signify▓ She was an heiress; and, reckoning accordi●ng to the estimation of Briarstone, a rich one.● She had been a pupil, and her lov▓e of display, and coquetry, and deter●mination to get a husband, had occasioned her re▓solve to remain with a family whom in hear●t she detested, rather than reside wit●h the only relations she possessed, old re▓spectable folks in the country.She● had sense enough to know that he▓r fortune, inexhaustible as it seemed in Bria●rstone, would not endow her with th▓e smallest consequence elsewhere.And tho▓ugh so highly gifted by nature ▓a